Return To Sport Testing

Return To Sport Testing

After an athlete’s injury it can be challenging for the Physical Therapist, the coach and all the staff to understand when he’s actually ready to safely compete again.
Return to Sport (RTS) testing is an important process to determine athlete’s readiness for participation in high level activities with a decreased risk of re-injury or secondary injury.
RTS is the return to unrestricted training or play, the final hurdle to clear before getting back on the field.
These tests empower clinicians and athletes to perform sports specific movements in a controlled environment, prior to an unpredictable game scenario. When the athlete passes or fails these tests, it gives a clear indication of whether or not they are physically prepared for their sport.

In Sports Rehab we use different Evidence-Based tests in order to control both mental and physical readiness of the athlete’s RTS.

We test the athlete in different phases with variable goals, such as:

  • Return To Run (RTR): strength tests, load-management tests, motor control & movement quality tests with IMU inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), jumping & landing tests, pre-running tests;
  • Return To Train (RTT): eccentric/concentric strength tests, motor control & movement quality video analysis, jump & landing video analysis, agility tests, fitness tests;
  • Return To Sport (RTS): eccentric/concentric strength tests, motor control video analysis, jump & landing video analysis, sport specific agility tests, fitness tests. In this case all the tests are performed in a fatigue state.

We also offer an “full package” RTS test battery, characterized by a battery of tests in a fatigue state combined with the isokinetic test.

With the aim of preventing ACL injuries, especially in female athletes that are more exposed to this kind of problem, we offer a specific package of tests combined with Sportmetrics prevention program.
At first the athlete is tested by our specialized Physical Therapist in different areas, then a test-based prevention program gets generated. The athlete is monitored during trainings in order to update the program with his/her improvements.
This leads to a scientifically proven reduction in the incident of ACL injuries.

We provide specific batteries of tests according to different sports, such as soccer, basketball, volley, swimming, American football with a modified version of the “NFL combine” test package which comprises elements of prevention, etc.
We perform explosiveness, speed, jumping, agility, upper body strength tests and a screening of previous injuries, which leads to sport-specific test-based prevention program. After a certain amount of time the athletes are re-tested in order to monitor progresses.

Sports Rehab also offer a “fast track” service to teams and clubs. We guarantee to the athletes (individuals or teams) a first physical therapy evaluation after the injury in a short time, immediately commencing the appropriate treatments accordingly. If it is necessary, for a specific injury it is activated the “medical fast track” with the involvement of the specialized doctor.