Claudia Notari


Physical Therapist, Osteopath, specialized in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Claudia was born in Milan in 1983.

After getting her high school diploma in classical studies, she graduated with a Degree in Physical Therapy in 2005 at the "Università degli Studi dell'Insubria" in Varese (Italy). Being passionate about manual therapy, she completed the S.I.O.Te.Ma. ostheopathy school in Turin (Italy). Afterwards, she enrolled in a three-years course in integrated posturology.

Since then, Claudia has alternated courses and working experiences in the orthopedic, neurological, and respiratory fields, both in outpatient and clinical settings.

Claudia is specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation focusing on the treatment of urogynecology female problems.

Her hobbies include hiking, traveling, discovering new cultures, landscapes and cuisines. Claudia also enjoys reading and is passionate about jazz, which involves her dancing the Lindy-Hop.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

Stephen Hawking