Elisa Graziano


FMH Internal Medicine Physician, Master in Dietology & Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Elisa Graziano graduated in Medical School c/o Università La Sapienza in Rome (Italy) in 2007 then completed a Master in Dietology & Clinical Nutrition c/o Istituto Alta Formazione (IAF) in Rome (Italy).
She achieved her FMH Certification in Internal Medicine c/o Swiss Board Examination in 2017.
She completed the ‘Emergency Quality Improvement Professional’ certification course c/o Harvard Medical Faculty and the ‘Modular ultrasound ESTES’ course.
Dr. Graziano is a Basic Life Support Sefibrillation (BLSD), Advanced Circulation Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Circulation Life Support (PALS), and Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) certified provider.

After practicing in private and semi-private clinics, hospice and hospitals in Italy as E.R. physician, she moved to Switzerland in 2012.

She initially practiced as assistant physician in cardiology, anesthesiology and E.R. c/o Cardio Centro Ticino, then as assistant physician in general surgery, intensive care unit, internal medicine department and E.R. in different hospital within the Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale.

As per today, Dr. Graziano practices as physician in the Critical Area of the Intensive Care unit c/o Clinica Luganese in Lugano and consults as a Dietology & Clinical Nutrition specialist for people in need of losing/gaining weight (with/without associated pathologies) and amateur/semi-pro/professional athletes to optimize nutrition with the aim to maximise their sport performance.

An AKERN Bioimpedance Measuring Device is used with the general population and the professional athletes with the goal to analyze body composition determining tissues proportions (lean and fat) and the total water component. This scientifically validated technology with more than 2.800 scientific publications on international reserch journals demostrated to be sure, reliable, and precise. Numerous Sports Federations, Sports Teams & Clubs and elite athletes rely on this technology to implement analyses, optimize their training programs and maximise sports performances.

Furthermore Dr. Graziano is a PADI Open Diver Qualified and an avid runner herself.