Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Training

Athletic Training

Athletic training is practiced to optimize activity and participation of the amateur, semi-pro and professional athletes.

It is crucial in multiple areas in which the Sports Rehab staff is active and delivers services, such as:

  • injury prevention
  • wellness promotion and improvement of patient’s/athlete’s mood
  • improvement in performance of the athlete / team
  • optimization of athletic skills

Sports Rehab cooperates with various sports clubs and National team to provide Evidence-Based, adequate, and athletic training programs tailored for many specific sports.
The Sports Rehab staff implements specific strength, endurance and performance tests to establish a baseline/starting point of the whole team to then plan the athletic training programs from.

S&C Coaching

Strength & Conditioning primary goal is improving athletic performance through a specialized, programmed and periodized approach. It is useful to increase and improve the athlete's specific neural and metabolic abilities by optimizing the energy systems of the human body, to improve:

  • maximum strength
  • maximum power
  • resistance
  • aerobic capacity
  • aerobic power
  • resistant power

In our Sports Rehab team we have certified Strength & Conditioning coaches that conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe, effective and specific Strength & Conditioning programs and guidance regarding strength development and injury prevention.

Strength & Conditioning is a structured approach to training with maximum return for athletes input in a short period of time. It is the practical application of sports science to enhance movement quality. It is grounded in Evidence-Based research and physiology of exercise and anatomy. We all move and therefore we can all benefit from a better quality of movement. The service is offered to regular people, amateur/semi-pro/professional athletes and sports team/clubs.