Strength & Performance Testing

Strength & Performance Testing

Performance and strength tests are an essential assessment to measure athletes’ progress.
Conductive a comprehensive fitness evaluation for an athlete can be a complicated process. And it is even more complicated when working with an entire team of athletes.

To help you in this process, Sports Rehab offers a team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists that test the athletes in different performance areas such as:

  • Anthropometry & cardio-fitness: anthropometry tests, flexibility tests, aerobic and anaerobic capacity tests, fatigue threshold test
  • Load monitoring: daily and weekly workload monitoring, acute and chronic load monitoring, workload monitoring and planning all over the season
  • Motor control: agility, balance, motor and postural control tests in fatigue state

We use a variety of Evidence-Based technologies to measure and/or monitor the different components of strength, power and for the estimation of the decay in fatigue state.

Our packages of strength tests include:

  • Strength and power: concentric strength test, eccentric strength test, maximum power test, resistance tests
  • Isokinetic test: concentric and eccentric test & strength ratios

If you want to improve your performance, come visit us to learn more about our testing packages.