About us
Our history

Sports Rehab has been founded in 2018 and has 2 managing partners, the physical therapists Andrea Balboni and Sebastiano Nutarelli.

Our PT centers located in Lugano and Bellinzona and our physical therapists provide a variety of services to the regular population, amateur/semi-pro/professional athletes and professional national & international sports teams.

Sports Rehab supports its patients in their recovery from symptoms, pathologies, injuries and surgeries through a variety of physical therapy approaches and treatments.

Patients' symptoms can arise as the consequence of a trauma, a pathology or following surgical procedures. We offer a variety of PT services thanks to our team of skilled and certified physical therapists, such as musculo-skeletal and sport physical therapy, therapeutic exercise planshydrotherapy/pool rehabiliationmodalities and much more. Please visit our services webpage for a complete overview.

Sports Rehab is a Physioswiss (Swiss Physical Therapy Association) and a Sportfisio (Swiss Sports Physical Therapy Association) member. The offered physical therapy services are covered by the Cassa Malati (Swiss heath insurances).

Both our centers are equipped with the latest rehabilitative devices and Technogym equipments.

We remain at your disposal for any further information; please don't hesitate to contact us for additional assistance via phone or e-mail (we speak Italian, English, German, Spanish and French).