Mario Gaetano Fioretti

Mario Gaetano

OT, Certified Hand Therapist, Ergomano Rehab co-founder

Mario was born in Varese in 1992.

From an early age he understands that his path will be rehabilitation; there are no other professions that attract him more. This leads him after his high school scientific diploma to pass the entrance tests and enter SUPSI. During 2015 he obtained his BSc in Occupational Therapy at SUPSI in Manno.

Since 2016 he starts working for the largest Occupational Therapy service in the southern part of the Switzerland for hand surgery also becoming responsible for different facilities.

Mario remains constantly passionate about his work by taking annual continuing education courses.

In 2019, he enrolled at the University of Lund (Sweden) where he received the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery in 2020.

From this point on, Mario is also active in the world of independent research, together with other colleagues, presenting reviews and innovative proposals at national and international congresses.

The Swiss Hand Rehabilitation Association (SGHR - SSRM), because of his studies and congress presentation activities, certifies him as a Swiss Hand Therapist.

In 2022, thanks to a choral work with his colleagues Susanna Pagella and Francesca Ferrario, he receives the SICM award from the Italian Society of Hand Surgery at the annual congress of Hand Surgery and Hand Rehabilitation (AIRM).

Mario in 2023 is invited to moderate a round table session at the triennial European Congress of Hand Surgery and Hand Rehabilitation (FESSH - EFSHT) and together with colleague Francesca Ferrario to present a literature review.

In 2023, together with colleagues Susanna and Francesca, he founded Ergomano Rehab starting the collaboration with Sports Rehab to offer hand and upper extremity rehabilitation services.

Perhaps nothing is so fraught with significance as the human hand

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