Merilù Vicenti


Biologist / Nutritionist, MS Clinical Nutrition for Sport and Health, MSc in Nutrition and Health

Dr. Ivana Merilù Vicenti was born in Bari (Italy) in 1995.

Passionate about science, and extremely curious of understanding all its mechanisms, which form the basis of the human life, in 2015 she decided to enroll into the Biological Science degree at the University of Bari.

Hungry for knowledge and fascinated about the nutrition world, while studying, in 2016 she attended one of the SINU conferences in Bologna (Italy).

In 2018, she decided to specialize in nutrition, completing a MSc in Nutrition and Health at the University of Bari (Italy). Consequently, she graduated as Biologist.

Being a sport passionate, after several years of dance, and functional & resistance training she decided to approach the wonderful Calisthenic world, which she still practices.

Being close to these environments, she noticed the huge disinformation which stands between nutrition and sport. Two worlds close to each other, linked with a thin and invisible red line. With the goal of getting these two worlds closer, she decided to dig deeper, and she started studying Sports Nutrition.

In 2020 she was enrolled in a "Nutrition in the strength and power sports" course, and in 2022 she achieved a Master in Clinical Nutrition for Sport and Health, which allowed her to follow a scholarship in a clinical and sports firm. Simultaneously, she attended the 5° International Sinseb - Sinut - J Medical Congress in Nutrition and Exercise, Health and Disease, with some of the major experts in sports nutrition.

The clinical aspect is unavoidable in nutrition, though. In relation to this, she acquired notions and expertise in clinical nutrition, not only due to the Master, but also thanks to several courses such as: Ketogenic diet based on overweight patients (ONB), Psoriasis treatment through Functional Medicine certificate, and Low Fodmap (SNS certificate).

Two years later, she decided to let recognize her academic titles in Switzerland in order to start practicing in Canton Ticino at the Sports Rehab physical therapy & Sportsmedicine center.

A comprehensive rehabilitation pathway treatments require the appropriate energetic and structural underlayers to maintain lean body mass and the right hydration status. The lean body mass and hydration are provided daily by food and drinks which are introduced in the perfect machine which is our body.

Dr. Vicenti, among the other methods, utilize the bioimpedentiometry BIA SECA MBCA 525 to monitor body composition throughout rehabilitation or athletes's performance enhancing or actual weight loss programs.

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