Mirko Cermesoni


Physical Therapist, Sports Physical Therapy Cert.

Mirko was born in Varese in 1999 and grew up in a town just 15 km away from the Swiss border. At the age of six, the desire of new experiences led him to touch his first soccer ball and continue his activity at the provincial level for the following 12 years.

During high school he spent a year abroad as a student in Walla Walla Washington to master the English language.

At the age of eight, Mirko was diagnosed with hemophilia, a hereditary blood disorder characterized by clotting issues that has made his career riddled with injuries from a young age. The realization that he could not participate in contact sports prompted him to become interested in the world of fitness and rehabilitation partly based on his past experiences. Therefore, after high school, he decided to pursue his physical therapy studies in Switzerland at the university campus "Ludes" in Lugano, having the opportunity to learn the profession from a theoretical and practical point of view also thanks to the numerous internships during the four academic years. During his studies, he had the opportunity to experience different rehabilitation settings, both Swiss and Italian.

Mirko has been a rotating PT student in Sports Rehab since 2021 then graduating in November 2022, then officially joining the team as a physical therapist.

His professionalism brings him to keep a high level of education and to stay up-to-date through regularly participating in Continuing Professional Development courses mainly focused on sports rehabilitation.

Mirko is a music and sports lover, and during his free time he enjoys spending time with friends or working out.

Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Thomas Wayne