Susanna Pagella


OT, Certified Hand Therapist, Ergomano Rehab co-founder

Vanessa was born in Lugano in 1997.

Growing up in a agricultural environment, she immediately developed a great passion for nature which led her to choose a course of higher studies in agricultural technique. At the end of this cycle, however, she begins to have an interest in rehabilitation and she enrolls in the Occupational Therapy course at the University of Pavia, where she obtains her Bachelor's degree in 2010.

Once the title has been recognized by the Red Cross of Italian Switzerland, Susanna begins her career in the neurological field; within the context of the profession exercised, however, she too approaches the rehabilitation of the hand which fascinates her to the point of understanding that she will no longer be able to abandon this path.

To better learn the characteristics and specificities of the upper limb, you attend various training courses; with the expansion of her skills and thanks to her outgoing character that allows her to work in a team, she begins to collaborate with some colleagues and to present scientific works at national (AIRM Italy; SGHR/SSRM Switzerland), European (EFSHT) and international (IFSHT).

The growing passion for scientific research, the development of new projects and the expansion of specialist skills Susanna enrolled in the Lund University Certificated Advanced Studies in Rehabilitation of Hand Surgery, graduating in June 2023.

Since 2020, the practice in contact with the patient has also been accompanied by the organization of monthly training symposiums in order to cultivate a continuous exchange with all the professionals (doctors and therapists) who deal with issues relating to surgery and above all to the rehabilitation of the upper limb , intrinsically connected to each other.

In 2022 she organize the first training course in Switzerland with the creator of the "MAPS Therapy" concept, gathering excellent participation from the members.

In the last ten years she have collaborated with a primary occupational therapy practice in the Canton of Ticino.

The great passion for rehabilitation, the desire to deepen her skills, and the interest in reaching the goal together with the patient by offering the best possible quality in 2023 prompted her, together with her colleagues Mario Fioretti and Francesca Ferrario, to give life to the Ergomano Rehab project, starting the collaboration with Sports Rehab to offer hand and upper extremity rehabilitation services.

Doubt is the beginning of knowledge